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The Valor Committee

Each year the Valor Committee sends letters and nomination forms to Police and Fire Chiefs and Directors in every municipality in Hudson County, as well as to the labor union heads representing them. Solicitations are also sent to Federal, State, County, and regional departments whose officers are assigned to this area and to professional and volunteer emergency medical transportation units. Nominations are also accepted from the public.

Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year but selection of award recipients occurs in April, about one month prior to the Recognition Luncheon.

To be eligible for an award, an incident must have taken place between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year. The incident must have taken place in Hudson County or the nominee must be a resident of Hudson County. While individual letters and newspaper accounts of incidents are helpful, the Committee relies heavily on official reports on file with the appropriate department.

Although the decisions of the members of the Valor Committee must be subjective to some extent, the actual danger an officer faced when he/she acted heroically but not recklessly is the prime consideration.

Members of the Valor Committee are Jerome Cala, Joseph Cassidy, Mickey McCabe, Jeff Welz, Mark Smith and Joan Quigley, chair.

2006 Valor Awards

2006 Individual Valor Award Recipients

2006 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Captain Joseph Serylo, Jersey City Police Department
  • Sergeant Timothy Harmon, Jersey City Police Department
  • Detective Jack Bennett, Jersey City Police Department
  • Detective Michael Gullace, Jersey City Police Department
  • Police Officers Patrick Kirwin, Jersey City Police Department
  • Alexander Frazier, Jersey City Police Department
  • Michael Meyers, Jersey City Police Department
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  • Captain Philip DeCresce, Jersey City Fire Department
  • Firefighter Patrick Healy, Jersey City Fire Department
  • Firefighter Richard Mulligan, Jersey City Fire Department
  • Firefighter Raul Vega, Jersey City Fire Department
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2006 Special Recognition

  • Sergeant Glenn Amodeo, Secaucus Police Department
  • Police Officer Robert Ulrich, Secaucus Police Department
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  • Lieutenant Mark Kelly
  • Detective Sergeants Cesar Huaman
  • Glenn Lubertazzi
  • Richard Scudder
  • Detectives I Pete Ciano
  • Richard “Brian” Holmes
  • Thomas Ryan
  • Detectives II Pete Layng
  • Guy Stankiewicz
    Drug Trafficking North Unit, New Jersey State Police
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Previous Individual Valor Award Recipients


  • Police Officer Christopher Baker, Jersey City
  • Captain Robert D’Antonio, North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue
  • Firefighter Steven J. Durnian, Kearny
  • Police Officer Brian Glasser, Jersey City
  • Detective Dennis Miller, Secaucus
  • Police Officer Victor Smith, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Gary Garvin, Jersey City


  • Police Officer John Aguiar, Hoboken
  • Sergeant Christian Araujo, Hudson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Detective Mark Borchert, HC Sheriff’s Dept
  • Firefighter Albert Coulter, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Gary Garvin, Jersey City
  • Trooper Albert Donato, New Jersey State Police


  • Captain Greig Amerman, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Philip DeCresce, Jersey City
  • Acting Lieutenant Keven Fitzhenry, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Marcelo Ona, Jersey City
  • Police Officer William C. Chavis, Jersey City
  • Lt. James Ahern, Jersey City-Retired


  • Firefighter Scott Dressler, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Walter Milne, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Wayne Grapstul, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Robert Zdanowicz, Bayonne
  • Detective Olicer King, Jr. Hudson County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Detective George Kochell, Hudson County Sheriff’s Dept.
  • Captain John M. Sheyka, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Anthony Goodman, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Raymond J. Weber, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Douglas R. Paretti, Jersey City
  • Firefighter William Reed, North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue
  • Firefighter Waliyy Anderson, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Joseph Vallo, Jersey City


  • Captain Michael Hulings*, Jersey City


  • Firefighter Douglas Boyle, Kearny
  • Captain Jeffrey Bruder, Kearny
  • Sheriff’s Officer John Karras
  • Police Office Keith Ludwig, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Ricardo Ocasio, Union City
  • Police Director Mark Smith, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Jeff Sokolowski, Jersey City


  • Firefighter Dominick Vallo, Jersey City
  • Firefighter John Reilly, Secaucus
  • Firefighter Michael Fischer, North Bergen
  • Detective Sergeant Mark Smith, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Mark Inzinna, Jersey City
  • Lt. Robert O’ Callahan, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Jay White, Jersey City
  • Detective Richard Fifer, Bayonne
  • Firefighter David Velez, North Bergen
  • Sergeant Heriberto Carattini, Jersey City
  • Captain Vincent Guinta, Hoboken
  • Police Officer Victor Cook, Jersey City
  • Captain Richard Barreres, Weehawken
  • Firefighter David Flood, Weehawken
  • EMS Lieutenant Jason Hamilton, Weehawken


  • Sheriff Officer Brian Lane, Hudson County
  • Captain Greg Rogers, Bayonne
  • Sergeant Raymond Sparnarkel, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Allen Stembridge, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Gregory Mangiels, Jersey City


  • Police Officer Wayde Hazecamp, Jersey City
  • Police Officer John Wolfe, Jersey City
  • Detective Juan Loaces, Union City
  • Captain Joseph Hadfield, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Philip Germain, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Brian Stallard, Jersey City
  • Patrolman Thomas Corblies, Harrison
  • Detective Michael Daggert, Harrison


  • Firefighter Fred Stankiewicz, Hoboken
  • Firefighter Mauro Andreula, Hoboken


  • Police Officer Felice Forlano, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Harold Tullock, Jersey City
  • Sergeant Brian Gallagher, Jersey City
  • Firefighter William Lemonie, Weehawken


  • Police Officer Luanne Esposito, Port Authority
  • Sergeant Robert Cubby, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Thomas Mullin, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Marvin Cooper, Jersey City


  • Detective Mark Smith, Bayonne
  • Detective Frank Sharkey, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Stephen Wilson, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Ralph Velez, Jersey City
  • Detective Anthony Guma, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Sean Carroll, Jersey City


  • Police Officer Ronald Ehlers, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Michael Gonnelli, Secaucus
  • Provisional Police Officer Thomas Jardines, West New York
  • Police Officer Edward Kist, Jersey City
  • Fire Captain Dennis Mangin, Secaucus


  • Detective Dennis DeStefano, Jersey City
  • Sergeant Edwin Gillan, Jersey City
  • Detective Anthony Guma, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Anthony Michael Gouveia, Kearny
  • Detective Edward Hart, Jersey City
  • Firefighter William Jimenez, Jersey City
  • Police Investigator Anthony Lisi, Jersey City


  • Firefighter Anthony Avillo, Weehawken
  • Firefighter Dave Curtis, Weehawken
  • Fire Captain Timothy Kearney, Jersey City
  • Emergency Medical Technician Robert Quigley, Weehawken
  • Patrolman Kenneth Sheenan, East Newark


  • Firefighter Michael Collette, Union City
  • Police Officer Christopher Henne, Jersey City
  • Firefighter James K. Kearney, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Dennis McCabe, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Robert Osborn, Kearny
  • Police Chief James Sisk, Bayonne
  • Fire Chief Thomas Tormey, Union City


  • Police Sergeant Donald P. Carroll*, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Donald Holling, North Bergen
  • Police Officer Ralph Vuolo, Kearny


  • Police Officer Richard Hussey, Jersey City
  • Police Officer James McDonald, Jersey City
  • Trooper William McGuire, New Jersey State Police
  • Police Officer Edward Myers, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Drew Vagts, West New York


  • Firefighter Frank Bentivegna, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Robert Cannon, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Oscar Fernandez, West New York
  • Trooper Paul S. Morris, New Jersey State Police
  • Police Officer Thomas Richards, West New York

Previous Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients


  • Captain Anthony Della Rosa, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Robert Fox, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Craig Jakubowski
  • Firefighter Joseph Novembre
  • Detective Paul Dispoto, Kearny
  • Chief John Dowie, Kearny
  • Sergeant Anthony Gouveia, Kearny
  • Patrolman Kevin Grise, Kearny
  • Lieutenant Sidney Lowry, Kearny
  • Patrolman Patrick Sawyer, Kearny
  • Police Officer Augusto A. Same, Weehawken
  • Fire Captain Robert Reed, North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue
  • Firefighter Paul Lopez, North Hudson Regional  


  • Sergeant Alejandro DeRojas, West New York
  • Police Officer David Hruska, West New York
  • Police Officer Victor Montano, West New York
  • Detective Andre Rana, West New York
  • Police Officer Jose Alicea, West New York
  • Police Officer Hilenne Chemas, West New York
  • Police Officer Leo Hernandez, West New York
  • Police Officer Joseph Cocciadiferro, West New York
  • Captain Robert Kyle, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Peter Nowak, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Cosimo Corallo, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Carlos Lopez, Jersey City


  • Sergeant Scott Macfie, Kearny
  • Patrolman Robert Turkowsky, Kearny
  • Patrolman John Corbett, Jr., Kearny
  • Patrolman Thomas bannon, Kearny
  • Patrolman Leroy Bibbs, Kearny


  • Police Officer Eric Dugan, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Anthony Maddalone, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Albert Roesinger, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Miguel Camacho, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Michael Kubert, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Sean McCarry, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Joseph Czapla, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Kevin Lapinski, Bayonne
  • Police Officer Thomas Napier, Bayonne
  • Fire Fighter Herb Ingram, Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter Dexter Smith Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter James Craddock, Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter Ron Jenerette, Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter Donald Stembridge, Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter Glen Giordano, Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter Philip Pawlowski, Jersey City
  • Fire Fighter Thomas Atwell, Kerny
  • Fire Fighter Ed Agnew, Kearny
  • Fire Fighter Steve Durian, Kearny
  • Fire Fighter Michael Golon, Kearny
  • Fire Fighter John MacArthur, Kearny
  • Captain Joseph Viscuso, Kearny
  • Fire Fighter George Harris, Kearny
  • Fire Fighter Jason McCabe, Kearny
  • Captain Robert Osborn, Kearny
  • Patrolman John Corbett, Jr. Kearny
  • Patrolman Frank McIntyre, Kearny
  • Patrolman Alan Kukn, Kearny
  • Patrolman Kevin McConnell, Kearny
  • Detective Stephen Podolski

2000 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Sgt. Elia Almoyan, Weehawken
  • Police Officer Alex Banos, Weehawken
  • Police Officer Richard Caswell, Weehawken
  • Police Officer John Johnson, Weehawken
  • Police Officer Chris Majewski, Weehawken
  • Police Officer Edward Vion, Weehawken
  • Sgt. Robert Hovan, North Bergen
  • Patrol Officer Mark Johnson, North Bergen
  • Patrol Officer John Martin, North Bergen

1999 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Weehawken Volunteer First Aid Squad
  • North Bergen Volunteer First Aid Squad
  • Kearny EMS
  • Jersey City Medical Center
  • Union City EMS
  • McCabe Ambulance Service
  • North Bergen Police Department
  • Weehawken Fire Department
  • Hoboken Fire Department
  • Jersey City Fire Department
  • Union City Fire Department
  • Secaucus Fire Department
  • West New York Fire Department
  • West New York EMS
  • North Bergen Fire Department

1998 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Battalion Chief Nicholas Gazzilo, North Bergen
  • Lieutenant Robert D’Antonio, North Bergen
  • Firefighter Michael Donarumma, North Bergen
  • Firefighter Michael Fischer, North Bergen
  • Firefighter Gary Ippolito, North Bergen
  • Firefighter Frank Kiska, North Bergen
  • Firefighter Anthony Venezia, North Bergen
  • Deputy Chief Edward Flood, Weehawken
  • Acting Battalion Chief Timothy Finnegan, Weehawken
  • Battalion Chief David Curtis, Weehawken
  • Captain Victor Vangelokos, Weehawken
  • Captain William Lemonie, Weehawken
  • Firefighter Frederick Leaycraft, Weehawken
  • Firefighter William Krieger, Weehawken
  • Firefighter Michael Flood, Weehawken

1997 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Captain Robert DelPriore, Weehawken
  • Lieutenant James Fabian, Weehawken
  • Det/Sgt Thomas Earl, Weehawken
  • Detective Keith Nueschwanter, Weehawken
  • Police Officer John DeCosmis, Weehawken
1996 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients
  • Sergeant Gary Richmond, North bergen
  • Patrol Officer Christopher Gaynor, North Bergen
  • Captain Charles Severino, North Bergen
  • Firefighter Glen Teta, North Bergen

1995 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Detective Michael McNally, Jesey City
  • Detictive Robert Alvarez, Jersey City
  • Detective Cesar Camacho, Jersey City
  • Detective William Logan, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Michael Gonzalez, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Sean Connors, Jersey City
  • Lieutenant Edwin Gillen, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Edward Balck, Jersey City
  • Police Officer John Warlikowski, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Andre Kocsis, Jersey City
  • Captain Francis Ventivegna, Jersey City
  • Firefighter George Borek, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Michael Allessi, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Eugene Walsh, Jersey City
  • Police Officer Patricia McQuilken, Jersey
  • Police Officer Thomas Cox, Jersey City

1994 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • EMT Tom Molta, Hoboken
  • EMT Javier Gonzales, Hoboken
  • Captain Joseph Montecalvo, Hoboken
  • Firefighter Vincent Giunta, Hoboken
  • Firefighter Micheal Turner, Hoboken

1993 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipeints

  • Captain Steven Juchnewicz, Bayonne
  • Firefighter Jose Casais, Bayonne
  • Firefighter Henry Grodkiewicz, Bayonne
  • Firefighter Michael McGuire, Bayonne
  • Firefighter Brian McMonagle, Bayonne
  • North Bergen Police Department Special Investigations Unit
  • commanded by: Sergeant Joseph Bode
  • North Bergen Police Department Tactical Response Team
  • commanded by: Sergeant David Ricigliano

1992 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Captain Robert Buoncuore, Hoboken
  • Firefighter Michael Turner, Hoboken
  • Firefighter John Cunning, Hoboken
  • Firefighter Kevin Leonard, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Eugene Nicpon, Jersey City
  • Firefighter Dennis Culbert, Jersey City
  • Captain Dennis Peters, Jersey City

1991 Valiant Teamwork Award Recipients

  • Sergeant Martin DeAcutis, North bergen
  • Patrolman John Mulholland, North bergen
  • Patrolman Dennis Pinto, North Bergen
  • Patrolman Scott Sullivan, North Bergen
  • Deputy Chief Aide Roger Estabrook, Union City
  • Firefighter Carmine Flora, Union City
  • Firefighter Arthur Heydorn, Union City
  • Firefighter Juan Jaurequi, Union City
  • Firefighter Anthony Mai, Union City
  • Firefighter Joseph Quigley, Union City 

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